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Current Covid Procedures

Updated July 24, 2020

As most of you are aware, Governor Newsom recently tightened restrictions on a number of
businesses throughout the state. The reason for the announcement stemmed from the recent spike in
COVID-19 cases. Fortunately, there are still exceptions for healthcare services, including veterinary care.

The Animal Doctors will continue to provide curbside service for the foreseeable future.
Our main goal is to promote health, both for our pets and our clients. It is not worth taking any unnecessary risks and potentially spreading transmission of the COVID-19 virus. We are continuing to take the necessary precautions in consideration of your personal health and that of our staff. We realize that waiting outside and communicating via telephone is not as personal as meeting face to face in the exam room. However, we are doing everything we can to ensure that your pets are continuing to receive high quality, personalized care.

We are in the process of setting up a canopy area, where you can wait outside of your car, but
not in the direct sunlight and out of the hot asphalt. We will also be setting up additional bench
seating, which will allow you to maintain proper social distancing. Please wear a mask if you choose to
wait outside your vehicle in the parking lot. If you choose to wait inside your vehicle, please keep the AC
running. If you or your pet need water, please let us know and we will bring it out to you.

Below is our current protocol, outlining our standard operating procedures. We are
now scheduling routine wellness exams, spays/neuters, and routine dental procedures, albeit on a
limited basis. We are allowing one client into the exam room for euthanasia appointments only. Please
be aware that the same arrival protocols apply for euthanasia appointments as well as for regular

1. If you are experiencing any signs of illness (fever/chills, shortness of breath, cough, runny nose,
or sneezing) or if you have been in contact with anyone that has been exposed to COVID-19 in
the past 14 days, you will need to have a healthy friend or relative bring your pet in. If you
cannot find anyone to bring your pet in for you, we will need to reschedule the appointment. If
your pet is in an emergent situation and you cannot find anyone to bring your pet in, please call
us from your vehicle and DO NOT ENTER THE BUILDING.

2. When you arrive for your scheduled appointment, PLEASE CALL US FROM YOUR CAR. One of
our staff will either speak to you on the phone or greet you in the parking lot and instruct you

3. For prescription or preventative refills, PLEASE CALL AHEAD OF TIME. We will confirm the refill
and handle payment over the phone. When you arrive, call us from your car and we will bring
the medication to you.

We also remind you to please be mindful and respectful of our staff. They are working very hard to
make sure that everyone is seen in a timely manner. We greatly appreciate your patience and look
forward to the time when we can greet you face to face with a smile.