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The Animal Doctors have practiced exemplary veterinary medicine in the South San Francisco Bay area for the past four decades. Every staff member in the clinic is dedicated to achieving a balance between utilizing the most advanced veterinary medicine and respecting the wishes, feelings and unique situation of each individual pet owner. The Animal Doctors’ high-quality veterinary services encompass the following:

Outstanding primary care services include an annual physical exam, wellness testing and any recommended vaccinations. The Animal Doctors’ care extends throughout the lifetime of each pet, with annual comprehensive senior examinations and counseling services to help owners make the most of the later years in their pets’ lives.

In-depth diagnostic workups comprise state-of-the art veterinary tools to help The Animal Doctors treat each patient in the best way possible. Some of the diagnostic tools available include digital x-rays, blood work, urine analysis, in-house laboratory testing, and endoscopy. The Animal Doctor veterinarians routinely consult with specialists to confirm their diagnoses.

Generalized surgery options run the gamut from standard spaying and neutering to removing foreign objects, excising tumors and orthopedic surgeries. If a case requires referral to a specialist such as a cardiologist or an orthopedic surgeon, the Animal Doctor veterinarian will consult with the specialist and continue to stay involved in the case as the primary care veterinarian.

Laser Therapy provides a surgery-free, drug-free, noninvasive treatment to reduce pain and inflammation, and increase the speed of healing. The Animal Doctors use a class IV deep-tissue therapeutic laser to help heal tissue after surgical or dental procedures, as well as to help alleviate acute or chronic conditions of pain and inflammation that can result from trauma, infection or the aging process.

Dentistry services include dental cleaning, root planing and digital dental x-rays. Preventative dental procedures are one of the easiest ways to increase a pet’s quality of life.

On-site laboratory testing ensures expedited results so The Animal Doctors can pinpoint any problems that may be going on with a patient as quickly as possible. Along with utilizing state-ofthe-art diagnostic tools, The Animal Doctors routinely consult with pathologists and off-site laboratories to optimize their diagnoses and treatment.

Prescription diets are available at the clinic to help alleviate kidney or liver problems, skin conditions, allergies or weight issues. The Animal Doctor veterinarians will consult with each pet owner to find the right diet to meet his or her pets’ needs.

Counseling services are offered as part of The Animal Doctors’ routine care. Some common counseling topics that people come to The Animal Doctors for include nutrition and diet recommendations, puppy and kitten care, behavioral guidance, geriatric care and support in making end-of-life decisions.

Hospice care is an important service that all long-term pet owners will eventually need. The Animal Doctors offer hospice counseling and guidance to support pet owners through the last stages of their beloved pet’s life, helping each individual to make the end-of-life decision that is best for him or her. When the difficult time comes to humanely end a pet’s life, The Animal Doctors will make house calls for at-home euthanasia of any current patients.